CalOZ is focused on promoting sound opportunity zone public policy in California. Our Policy Working Group is closely engaged with the Governor, State Legislature and Big City California Mayors to advocate for policies that will best promote a competitive, sustainable, and equitable landscape for Opportunity Zone investment in California.  

Guided by a “triple bottom line mindset,” CalOZ will pursue policy solutions focused in three areas:



Ensure state policies and incentives governing OZs position California as an attractive destination for OZ Funds and investors across the national marketplace.


Establish strong standards, safeguards, and metrics to protect and empower local communities to drive their own positive economic transformation.


Leverage OZs to accelerate California’s transition to a green, clean, and thriving economy for all.


State Policy Working Group

CalOZ’s Policy Working Group is an invite-only group of CalOZ members focused on advancing local, state and federal policies that support the success of opportunity zones. Key activities include: regular policy briefing calls; support letters; public official meetings; public hearings and testimonies; coalition building and mobilization; and media and public relations.

Read our State Policy Support Letters

August 31, 2019 Governors OZ Policy Proposal