“CalOZ for All” State Policy Adoption

CalOZ is building a cross-sector, multidisciplinary working group in collaboration with California Forward and the California Business Roundtable to support the adoption of leading OZ policy concepts into state legislation and regulation. Guided by a “triple bottom line mindset,” CalOZ will pursue policy solutions focused in three areas:



Ensure state policies and incentives governing OZs position California as an attractive destination for OZ Funds and investors across the national marketplace.



Establish strong standards, safeguards, and metrics to protect and empower local communities to drive their own positive economic transformation.



Leverage OZs to accelerate California’s transition to a green, clean, and thriving economy for all.


Regional Capacity Building

CalOZ will also focus on building infrastructure and capacity at the local level to support the growth of the nascent OZ marketplace, including new funding, technical assistance programs, and new fellowship opportunities developed in collaboration with CalOZ partners like Accelerator for America and FUSE Corps. Preliminary plans call for the recruiting, training, and deployment of talented professionals within OZs to help identify and prepare prospective projects for OZ Fund investment.