Madera Farmer Initiates Opportunity Zone Fund

The Business Journal


By Edward Smith

August 14, 2019

Before William Pitman, president of Benton Enterprises, LLC, knew where the opportunity zones in California were, he thought the federally approved tax shelters were all in urban areas. He soon found out his almond farm and processing plant in Madera lies right in the middle of one of the census tracts for tax incentives.

Now, he’s executed one of the first opportunity funds in the Central Valley, and he hopes the designation will send investors his way to make his method of processing foods into a “game changer” for the entire food industry.

Pitman owns Heart Ridge Farms, which uses a special pasteurization method for processing pistachios and almonds. He believes the technology could have applications for a variety of foods, from spices to leafy greens. He even started a separate entity, Adaptable Technology Systems, to market the pasteurization process.

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