CalOZ is committed to helping local and regional leaders build the capacity needed to leverage Opportunity Zone investment to further their economic and community development goals. CalOZ is interested in working with local governments, businesses, funds, foundations an others to engage local communities in designing and building steady pipelines of quality and fund-ready Opportunity Zone investments.

CalOZ Directory

Curated, searchable on-line directory to assist CalOZ members in identifying partners for OZ investments, projects, and initiatives.

CalOZ Webinars

60 minute video conferences to showcase notable OZ players and discuss key OZ topics.

  • Participants: 30-100 cross-sector leaders per session

CalOZ Bootcamps & Workshops (Half-Day)

Half-day, general workshop to provide participants a detailed introduction to Opportunity Zones and begin exploring how to develop a specific OZ strategy and action plan for their organizations and communities. Typical topics include: OZ 101; stakeholder mapping; creating a shared OZ vision; support tools and frameworks; technical assistance referrals and recommendations.

  • Participants: Open format accessible to a diverse group of investors, businesses, local government officials, and community members.

CalOZ Regional Impact Labs (Full-Day, Customized)

Customized, full-day, innovative workshop designed to meet specific needs of individual regions, communities and organizations (e.g,. creating a shared OZ vision, navigating labor and community benefits, fund formation and capital-raising strategies, community asset mapping, fostering trust and equity, developing partnerships and alliances, deal pipeline formation and development and action plans).  Additional services can be added on at members’ discounted rates for customized outputs.  See Consulting Services for more examples.

  • Participants: Tailored format to accommodate and foster a diverse range of participants including funds, businesses, organizations, local government officials, and community members and realize the Lab’s desired outcomes.